Life after lockdown

Everyone is looking forward to getting back to usual life again once the lockdown is lifted. People dream of going to the park, mall, restaurant or even their office!

Will life be the same again? At some point - it should, but initially it won't be free from restrictions and certain social limitations.

What will the limitations be like? We think they will be the following:

  • we will still have to maintain social distance of 2 meters in public places, transport, cafes and restaurants
  • certain entertainment facilities such as cinemas or children's amendment parks won't be opened immediately
  • we will be obliged to wear masks in public places and most likely offices too
  • malls and big shops won't be able to work at their full capacity and will have to limit the number of visitors and the hours spent inside
  • hygiene and strict disinfection measures will be in place and will have to be observed by the businesses and public facilities
  • checkups of body temperature are likely to be continued in metro, airports and malls
  • children may not be allowed to certain public places

There may be many more measures and limitations. We are still to see them once the UAE government announces the end of the quarantine.

Even once the restrictions are fully lifted, which will happen after a few months, we will not see the business and the economy same as before. A lot of enterprises have closed already and yet to close, many people have lost their jobs, a lot of sectors are witnessing dramatic fall-down.

At the same time, it might be a time for new opportunities and beginnings, a new era of digital shopping, education and managing the business. It will definitely bring a lot of opportunities!

We are sure that in UAE you will be able to take the best advantage of those opportunities. Don't miss them out!