COVID-19 UAE residence visas updates

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These days we are getting a lot of questions regarding UAE residency visas status of those visa holders, who could not renew their residency due to the country's lockdown.

There can be 3 possible scenarios:

  1. Your visa has expired while you are out of UAE and you cannot come back to renew it.
  2. You could not come to UAE on time to keep your visa valid (you have to come 1 time in 6 months to maintain your visa; if your visa status is Investor, you can come 1 time in 12 months).
  3. You are in the UAE and could not renew your expired visa due to the closure of the immigration, health-check and Emirates ID authorities.

The UAE government has come up with extraordinary measures for those who got into any of these visa problems. All the visas which expired after 1 March 2020, regardless of your location, will be automatically extended until December 31, 2020.

Whether you are in the UAE or in another country, and could not renew your visa on time, it will be considered valid until the end of this year.

Such measures are definitely helpful for visa holders and the authorities as well, making sure a smooth transition to a usual life routine after the COVID-19 outbreak.

You can check the validity of your visa using the following website
Go to this paragraph and click the first green link, which will lead you to a form where you have to insert your visa detail:

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