AE starts to open up the borders from June 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic most airlines struggled to cope with a rapid decline of travel demands. In the past couple of months most countries closed their borders, the UAE was included on that list too.

Now, the UAE travel proposition is slowly starting to return to normal with the plans to expand to 50 destinations in its network soon.

The biggest well-known airline in UAE, Emirates, has announced that they will be increasing the number of travel routes across the world mainly Australia, Europe as well as America. As well as the Abu Dhabi based airline, Etihad, is planning to increase the destination routes in June too.

From the beginning of 1 July, specifically the Emirates airline will be adding 12 Arab countries to their destination network.

Strict entry restrictions remain in effect upon arrival in UAE which include

  • Mandatory health examination upon arrival
  • Obligatory quarantine for 14 days, at home or in a hotel
  • Check-up before the end of quarantine
People will also be required to download the ALHOSN COVID-19 tracking app or face a fine. The app uses your phone's bluetooth signal to detect who else you've come into a close contact with helping to determine the spread of coronavirus.

Travellers will be required to adhere to a range of precautionary measures and undergo various forms of thermal screening and testing.

This means UAE residents stranded around the world or those who wish to visit the country so as to renew their visas are now allowed to return from 1 June.

All residents with valid or expired resident visas are now allowed to return. They must register their details and obtain approval first via the website.

Be advised that the residents must seek approval first before booking a flight.